Ideasutra’s design consulting services are aimed at developing or improving products, services, and business processes. We work closely with client and partner teams to identify root causes and develop the design solution in a participatory manner.

Our clients include SPOs, CSR consultants, Impact Investors, Researchers, Impact Networks and Foundations among other entities in the social impact ecosystem. Some of the organisations we have worked with include Atree, AVPN, Swasti, Sattva, The OLA Foundation and The Blue Yonder.

Our Consulting Offerings

  • Sandbox Setups
    Sandboxes are an executive function that provide decision-makers with strategic options.
  • Design for Services
    We work with clients to improve existing services or develop new ones and take it to market.
  • Design for Knowledge
    We work with knowledge teams to build editorial pipelines and develop well-designed knowledge products.
  • CoPs and Social Innovation
    We help organisations build Communities of Practice as a way to accelerate social innovation