The Studio

We started Ideasutra because we saw a need for design solutions in sustainability and social impact sectors. The organisations we work with pick hard problems, sometimes confronting issues that neither the state nor the private sector will acknowledge and they often do this on shoestring budgets.

Design-driven methods are a good way to approach wicked problems. While more analytical, convergent methods serve to address known problems, the divergent views made possible by design-driven methods, help our clients navigate the complexity inherent in such problems.

Team of Teams

Ideasutra comprises a distributed, multi-disciplinary team serving clients across India, Singapore and the USA. While our studio is headquartered in Bangalore, India, our team is distributed across geographies, fluidly working together, using a team-of-teams structure.

How we work

The Team-of-Teams approach helps avoid silos and makes collaboration with client-teams smoother. By co-designing with our customers and involving them in the design processes, our design solutions tend to be inclusive, covering multiple perspectives.

We use transparent project management and reporting, which means that our customers get a direct view of the design development process, at any time removing the need for status updates.

Who we work with

Ideasutra works with a wide range of actors in the impact space, this includes NGOs and other types of Practitioners, CSR consultants, Aggregators and Membership Institutions, Philanthropic foundations and Impact investors.

Working with us

We typically prefer projects that involve us early in the project life-cycle, and allow adequate time for on-ground research and solution formulation, and post-implementation review and measurement.

This lets us form a big-picture view of the project and its organisational and market dependencies, meaning design-solutions will never be ad-hoc or sub-optimal.

If you would like explore a fit, get in touch.

Managing Team

Smitha Shivaswamy

Smitha Shivaswamy

Smitha is a graduate of the College of Fine Art, Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore and has spent close to a decade building communities of practice around the Visual-Arts. She has designed Art Workshops in collaboration with the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, as well as developing specialist Training programs for workplaces. At Ideasutra Smitha is responsible for community initiatives, studio operations and delivery.

George Supreeth

George Supreeth

George Supreeth has over 25 years of experience in the areas of Art and Design. Prior to co-founding Ideasutra, George served on the Board of Studies at the College of Fine Art, Bangalore, as well as served as the Creative Director to companies in the Technology domain helping design and develop business processes, services and products. George is responsible for the Sandbox, new product development and sales at Ideasutra