What is the Sandbox?

We designed the Sandbox as an internal social design lab that models solutions to what we see as community problems. Often these problems are either too complex for the mainstream markets to address or seemingly simple and easy to ignore.

By approaching these problems in a sandbox environment, we are able to isolate and study issues, and model solutions which may be prototyped and tested in their community settings.

Our typical sandbox projects go through the following stages:

  • On Field Observation and Documentation
  • Problem framing and Needs Assessment
  • Proposed Solution framework and approach
  • Iterative petri dish Prototyping
  • Live Market testing and Reporting

Sandboxing as a Service

We can help organizations setup similar sandboxes within their own operating framework. The benefit of a sandbox is to increase the number of strategic options available to an organization at any given time. Since the sandbox attempts to solve for the fuzzy front-end of business uncertainty, organizations can use such sandboxes to incubate new products and services without disrupting day to day business performance.

Projects from our Sandbox

The following Sandbox projects are experiments. Imagined approaches to specific challenges that we observe in the communities we operate in. Themes range from Early Childhood Education, Entrepreneurship Support Systems and Arts & Culture.

  • Penciljam
    Penciljam is a community of practice that comes together as a group to sketch urban spaces. Operating across major cities, this CoP is a little over a decade old.
  • Pencilplay
    Pencilplay explores how childrens drawings may be used as a diagnostic tool in early childhood development
  • Playjam
    Is there a need for a learning bridge between home and preschool? Playjam imagines a rolling-school, that is built around play and parental-bonding.
  • Trellis
    Trellis is an Entrepreneur Support Network designed to promote entrepreneurial education through a community of practice
    A Conversation-show on Discord which explores topics at the intersections of Culture-Sustainability-Technology-Commerce
  • Work from Art
    Work from Art combats workplace mental health issues using principles from Art & Design