Design for Services

Ideasutra uses service-design principles to help our clients optimize and improve existing services or design new ones. Our service-design offering is a phased program that leads teams from services definition to service prototype and supporting market launch.

Improving Existing Services

Service-design for services optimization involves a careful study of existing service procedures, as well as a review of existing plans and models. We use participatory-design methods to identify business-rules and processes that may be optimized or re-imagined.

Participatory design during a session with Randstad. Participatory design methods help us gather multiple perspectives from various roles that comprise a service.

During the course of the needs assessment and study, we gather data from field-visits, stakeholders interviews as well through contextual enquiry conducted during the service delivery process

Conducting Stakeholder Shadowing during a field visit to a Garment Factory during a Factory Workers Wellness Program.

Designing New Services

We also help our clients design new services by facilitating business-model design, developing service hypothesis, prototyping and testing the service. We help build service artefacts and communication material around the service and help take the offering to the market.

Observing local artists with the Blue Yonder team to develop their Art Safari Trail for Sustainable Tourism in Kerala

For more information on how we can help you improve or build a new service, please get in touch.