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CoPs and Social Innovation

Over a decade of experience in building Communities of Practice in domains, ranging from Entrepreneurship to the Arts to Early Childhood Education, has helped us develop a systematic way to build social learning systems.

Communities of Practice are groups of people who come together around interests that are important to them. Such communities help people learn, teach and support each other. Besides the benefits of building bonds within the community, CoPs accelerate community knowledge and skills due to the social nature of learning inherent in such communities.

Ideasutra works with institutions to help them build effective CoPs within their organisations, their partner networks and among their beneficiaries to help accelerate capability building and social learning.

Working with Parents and Children through a CoP called Playjam, helps increase parental bonding and kindles the joy of learning in preschool children.

CoPs and Social Innovation

The purpose of social learning, especially in the area of Social Impact is to accelerate grassroots innovation. Through mutual support, members of the community are able to learn, up skill and evolve new perspectives on key issues that challenge their communities. We work with institutions to develop CoP programs to help drive social innovation among their beneficiaries.

CoPs and New Venture Creation

The launch of new ventures, especially internal spin-offs, often requires teams to rapidly realign themselves and their team structures to respond to new business rules required of the venture.

Often, the gravity of old processes and identities holds teams in the orbit of existing business-structures. CoP systems can help such teams rapidly learn new skills and understand new business paradigms.

For more information on how CoPs can help your specific business case, please get in touch.